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Can you post a link to the blouse, please?! I can't find it anywhere on your site, and I want to buy one. Thanks

Hi Rachel! You're not alone - we ALL want that blouse! Unfortunately it's not going to be in store for another couple of weeks, but we'll post a link here once it's on sale.

Becky x

Hey also can you please put a link in to that gorgeous necklace you are wearing :o)

Hi Vicky!

Rachel's necklace has sold out now I'm afraid, but we still have it in silver: http://bit.ly/7P1u4L

Or, we have this similar clocket in gold: http://bit.ly/arKZvG

Becky x

I have only just discovered this blog and I just want to say I love your style. I always see bits in DP's I like but I'm not great at putting them together! Can't wait for the above blouse to come out and to see your next look!

I can't wait for this Blouse to go on sale! On the hanger i probably wouldn't have brought it, but it looks great on! Love this blog, great idea! x

I've just discovered Rachel...wow! can you put a link to her number...? (kiddin')

You look gawguss!!!! I LOOOOVE that blouse and those shoes! This has to be my fav, so far! Good Luck beating this, I cant wait to see you try!!! xx

Can you tell me if the shoes are still available please?

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