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Great looks today! I LOVE Christy's high waisted jeans and cropped style T-shirt, so it gets my vote today - but would like to add that Ash's choices all throughout this challenge have been much more 'wearable' and flattering I think for those of us who don't have teeny weeny waistlines!

Love both looks today but if I could pull off Christy's look, I'd definitely be wearing it.

I definately prefer Ashleigh's look today, it's bright and girly just like Carrie!

Both these looks are gorgeous, very sex and the city! Chrissy's outfit really suits her figure, yet on a hot summers day like today I would much rather team the t-shirt with Ash's floaty summery skirt. Ash gets my vote today.

This is a realy tough one as I LOVE both looks today. I will have to go with Ash though as I'm a huge fan of socks and sandals xxxxx

Ash's look is definitely best, and more "Carrie"ish. I would never wear what Christy has on, it's just not balanced, her facinator is well too large! Ash gets my vote!

Loving the candy stripe skirt! The different use of colours and angles is very Carrie...a big well done to Ash :)

Ash does look at her best today but my vote goes to the lovely Cristy! If I had that tiny waist I'd be rocking a look like this till the cows came home!!! Both girls have done an amazing job and I have loved the return of the dress up challenge! x

I vote Christy.

I love that you do this style dress up challenge! I think what the girls have wore this week have been great!! I think you should keep it up and do this dress up challenge every week. It is great for me as I work for Dorothy Perkins as a sales advisor and i love coming on here to get style advice and see how i can look for our customers and get inspiration!! Brilliant x

Christy look amazing.. Bright, fresh and delightful! The jeans and shoes are fabulous .... everything about Sex in the City is over the top .... that was the idea of todays challenge? Well done ladies. Christy gets my vote

Carrie would love the bow Christy! I adore those jeans and shoes. I have really enjoyed seeing both girls being so creative this week. Well done. Christy's look is cuter, so I'll vote for her.

Draw! x

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